You're Likely To Be

Genuinely Ready To Sell

This may be for a myriad of reasons, typically because you want to move on with your life and need to pass the reins to somebody else and you are ready to sell.


You predominately deal on a B2B basis and have been for some while, with a good relationship with your customers and suppliers.

Your Business Is Profitable

The more profitable your business, the more valuable it is - we only work with profitable businesses with a proven track record, and one with low levels of existing debt.

Turnover Around £1 Million

Typically the businesses we're interested in have a turnover around the £1 million, as this gives us flexibility with lenders to structure a deal that suits everybody. 

The Business Could Continue Without You

You may well be at the core of the business, or certainly were initially, but it needs to be viable if you are no longer at the helm with a good management tier behind you, or one that can be put in place quickly.

Open And Honest

Trust is very important to us, and everything we do is based on mutual understanding and trust, supported by legal agreements to protect us both. But if we have to rely and fall back on legalities, we've both failed, hence we take time and effort to establish trust at the outset.