What We Do

Work With You

win win

You've spent an age building your business, and it's now time to move on, but will you be rewarded for all your hard work? We will work with you to make sure everybody wins - you, your staff, suppliers and customers too.

Design The Best Solution

As we buy businesses for ourselves, we have a great deal of flexibility as to how we structure any deal - of course it has to be a win- win for everybody concerned, but primarily it has to work for you. We will work with you to design the best solution, working to your time frame.

Ensure A Smooth Transition

Your business will continue trading under the same name, with the same staff and in most cases accountant too. Nothing changes unless it enhances the business, certainly not in the short term - after all it is not in our interests either. We are experienced in running small businesses from every aspect, having successfully done so for over 22 years.

Run The Business

We will carry on as you did before, running the business, looking after the customers, valuing the staff and using our extensive sales and marketing skills to enhance where we can.