Frequently Asked Questions


We completely understand the need for discretion and you certainly don't want a 'For Sale' sign over your business, as this can be unsettling for everybody. We will either sign your own Non Disclosure Agreement or can provide one for you, and we can then start talking - 100% in confidence.

How do we value a company?

Sadly there is no easy answer, but clearly we both need to be comfortable we pay a fair value. We appreciate that a set of accounts doesn't show the complete picture, and as such it is more important we gain a good understanding of how you have operated your company. 

What's the first step?

Although everything we do is ultimately backed by legal agreements, even more important is the need for us to trust each other.  The only way we can do that is to talk openly and honestly at the confidence.  Simply call Neil on 01603 443355

What are the time frames?

We move at a pace you are comfortable with - that could be very quick in a matter of weeks, or alternatively we can plan ahead if that suits us both better.

Do we buy distressed businesses?

No we don't. We only want viable, established companies.

How long would I be expected to stay in the company?

It depends on how we structure the deal.  Normally we would expect you to work with us through a defined hand over period, normally just a few weeks, helping ensure we have a seamless transition. You may wish to stay as a consultant, or simply walk away.